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Location Intelligence and Statistical Analysis

Using the RIGHT tools with the RIGHT data to reach the RIGHT conclusions.  That has been my mantra for 10+ years and many customers, from a wide variety of businesses, have seen the benefits of this.  Have a look through the detailed examples, case studies and testimonials to see how we can drive your data harder.



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Click on the Map above to see more examples

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Recent Work

I worked with Toll to help redesign their Priority delivery areas. The starting point was Geocoding and CLEANING dirty address data from multiple sources.Taking address data with mismatched Postcodes, Suburbs, Spelling, Characters and converting this into a clean, usable, geocoded file is just the first part. From here, boundaries, population and route data all need to be incorporated to generate sensible and logical results that match business rules and expectations.
This sort of work is something I have completed for many clients over the year’s and getting the address and geocoding RIGHT is just one of the skills and challenges in this project.
— Toll Priority
SMART are part of the Suncorp group of companies (AAMI etc), carrying out driveable vehicle repairs in capital cities around Australia.
I have assisted SMART over the past 3 years to select facility locations to optimise their network of repair centres.
Geospatial data showing insurance risk and population had to be merged and modelled and then centre of gravity principles applied to locate the most cost effective and shortest travel times from customers to potential depots.
I wrote customised Macros and software to help identify the optimum locations for new sites and provided clear reports, maps and presentations for Board reports to help justify the investment spend on new facilities in each city.
— SMART Repair Centres
Seasonally adjusted data. Everyone reads about it but how many businesses actually calculate it and use it properly?
myPlates recognised long ago that plate sales are heavily linked to seasonal car sales AND to the consumer confidence cycle. In order to understand the success of marketing activity, we have been providing seasonally adjusted data analysis to them for several years to help evaluate campaigns and determine where to spend advertising revenue. A complicated mix of competing influences can be unravelled once sales data is seasonally adjusted and the noise is removed
— myPlates NSW



I’ll use the RIGHT tools with the RIGHT data to reach the RIGHT conclusions for your business.


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About Me


I'm a Mathematician and Engineer with 26 years experience exercising my modelling and statistics skills.  Initially in Telecommunications and Mobile Network Design/Optimisation but more recently in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain modelling and Marketing Data analysis.
Manager of small teams in various locations around Australia and the USA, focussed on Business improvement through better data analysis and the application of statistical principles to business decisions.
My aim is to guide a large team in data gathering and analysis in order to drive quality and productivity improvement initiatives using specialised technical skills.

Specialties: Mathematical Modelling, Data Analysis, Geospatial modelling (MapInfo), Supply Chain Analysis, Logistics, Statistical Consulting, Cost Modelling, Scenario Evaluation, Project Risk Assesment, Market & Demographic profiling, ABS Census data mapping and reporting
RF Engineer, GSM Network Optimisation, Radio Network Design, Ericsson & Nokia Switching Equipment, TEMS, GIS, MapInfo